Ableton Live – How to Make a Hip Hop Song Start to Finish (Beat+Vocals)

Ableton Live – How to Make a Hip Hop Song Start to Finish (Beat+Vocals) In this video, Nobody Famous walks you through his process of creating a hip-hop song with hip-hop artist Skinny-C in Ableton Live. He explains how to chop samples, program a drum pattern, arrange the beat and add effects. Once the beat is complete, he eplains in detail how to edit and mix vocals. Nobody also demonstrates how he often puts the finishing touch on his final mix. This video is filled with tips and tricks that will assist you in getting the most out of Ableton Live when creating hip-hop music. For more tips, tricks and tutorials join us at

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  1. Agartha Records

    Hi i need help ! been writing a hip hop track , got a beat and a the rap togeather ..
    tight story , but i guess i am not african enough , how can i fatten my voice up a bit , like deepen it … i am not a big fan of my voice but i m more intrested to produce this shit .
    how can i go about it ?

  2. Evermont King

    we need a video on what buttons to push to start recording at the same time the beat starts when recording over mp3 files then what button do I push to move vocals over to sync with the beat when necessary. I'm new and thus does nothing for me.

  3. Dankrupt

    so is it best to make beats on fl studio and use the samples on ableton? otherwise you cant make your own beat? thats just what ive learned from a few hours of research…

  4. messi1010ramirez

    So I want to start producing , can y'all help me out on what's some good equipment I should buy. Also the software I need which I assume is abelton?

  5. JaySpeed Forney

    My brother you blew me away with this "TUTORIAL video, I'm 60 trying to get my beat on,You made it so easy and simple to understand a seven-year-old can pick up on this ,I dj for 27 years I got my Ableton 9 live AKAI 49 look out HERE i come thanks to you alot, will send you my first one, ? How to use Ableton Live to tell you what key you rap in?

  6. craigslist176

    2 questions. What is the name of this song? It's so dope! Second question: Which words did he choose for the doubled verse background vocals? Is it always the last word of the line? Thank you so much for your time.

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