Alabama Senate passes near-total ban on abortion, sends bill to the governor

Alabama Senate passes near-total ban on abortion, sends bill to the governor

Alabama’s legislature passed a near-total abortion ban. The bill now goes to Gov. Kay Ivey.

The Alabama Senate on Tuesday passed a bill criminalizing abortion in nearly all cases, approving the most sweeping restrictions on the procedure in the United States and almost certainly guaranteeing a legal challenge.

The measure passed the Senate 25-6 after more than four hours of often emotional debate that at one point led to the introduction of spectators who had abortions after being raped. The chamber rejected putting exceptions in for rape and incest on a 21-11 vote.

The bill now goes to Gov. Kay Ivey, who has not indicated whether she would sign it.

Sponsored by Republican Rep. Terri Collins, the bill would make it a felony punishable by life or 10 to 99 years in prison to perform an abortion in the state of Alabama. Attempting to perform an abortion also would be a felony, punishable by one to 10 years in prison.

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  1. Holly Keefer

    I'm so glad that my husband had a vasectomy. But what I worry about is young girls getting raped & having to carry to fetus to term. So many women will suffer because of this.
    If I was living in the state, I would actually consider getting my daughter's tubal ligation. It's sad that it even needs to come to that. That parents need to even consider such a thing. Because statistics tell me that abstinence doesn't work.

    We're living in an alternative universe where facts do not matter. Use condoms, get birth control or use surgery to prevent pregnancy. Don't take any chances.

  2. A Shaw

    Praise the Lord. At least the murders of fetus' in Alabama will have to stop. All you women out there should close your legs then you would not have to choose between the murder of the child you created out of your own lust. First they tear a arm off then another then the legs are ripped from the baby. Lastly the torso and head are removed. As a mother you have given the death sentence to your baby. Instead of making a national issue why dont you get a hanger from the closet and kill it with your own hands. Women rely on the govt to pay and assist with the murder of the baby. As for smug Sabrina Gutherie on nbc you reported this story on 5/15/19 and you are for the abortion murderers. It was written all over your angry face. Pay for the abortion yourself. Why did you not murder your own children and save that pro abortion dissappointed face for who you look at in the mirror. No DO NOT USE MY TAX DOLLARS TO MURDER YOUR BABIES!

  3. Silicone Julie

    This is sad and scary. Atleast Alabama is living up to it's backward reputation. Now more women will die, become sterile, increased amount of welfare due to more unwanted kids having to be born. An abortion is much safer than giving birth even more so in the USA due to it's maternal death rate being the same as 3rd world countries like Papua New guinea.

  4. matt matt

    White folk really want to abort the black baby and keep the white baby but they dont know how to do it so they want u to thinks they care about all life but they really only mean to save white live's,WHY? cause white fOLk are dying off MORE N MORE every year ,HURRAY mfkrs DIE😂

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