Democratic senators walk out of Kavanaugh hearing

Democratic senators walk out of Kavanaugh hearing

Democratic Senators Mazie Hirono (HI), Richard Blumenthal (CT) and Kamala Harris (CA) left the Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting before the official vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination took place.


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  1. Steve Bloom

    It's a long, wet walk back to Hawaii. And maybe Blumenthal will want to revisit Vietnam, to remember the places he fought for America. Oops, that was a lie. I like Kamala, she hammers everyone, white, black, male, female, everyone. Toughest mouth this side of Ana Navarro (voted the most likely to be told to shut up)

  2. Satch Mahoney

    Let the door hit you in the ass! Bunch of grandstanding racists keeping power by selling out their people to subjugation of the Democratic Party. The Democrats have managed to keep minorities as slaves by giving a few some power, and the rest dependent on handouts and excuses for failure instead of jobs and dignity!

  3. Roger Wabbit

    YEA. Some good has already come out of the DemoKOOK created FARCE/CIRCUS! Better start opening up the Safe Places now.  The self-entitled Femi-Nazis and other assorted Snow Flakes are melting.  Unbelievable how low the DemoKOOKS will go.

  4. Carol M

    Why is liar Blumenthal even speaking. A known liar who said he served in Viet Nam. We have got some real doozys spouting lies on these committees and in the senate. He should be thrown out of office.

  5. HaasFormulaOneFan

    I love how Cory Booker acts like he's for the women and he is the best guy in the world, but the guy wrote a piece in 1992 about groping a women and she refused. I am not saying lets get him to resign because we all know democrats will find a way to keep him, but he should keep his damn mouth shut about Kavanaugh being supposedly nasty towards Ford in high school with no evidence.

  6. FutballChannelz Entertainment

    Lets think for a minute…If this man gets voted onto the Supreme court and the allegation doesn't stop, and an investigation gets opened. Its going to be disastrous for republicans, the supreme court and the nation. A sitting justice investigated for sexual abuse? I hope the republicans realized this vote MAY not stop the allegation and in fact fuel a deeper investigation. Hence, voting themselves into a global disgrace down the line. Democrats should let them vote Kavanaugh in. Its going to be a parallel soap opera next to TRUMP's.

  7. Surplus Firearm

    Democrats and Ford's attorneys screwed themselves by holding the accusation for weeks to themselves; knowing that this would result in a delay in the nomination as long as possible. Democrats screwed themselves. This is what happens when Democrats play dirty politics, the lowest I've seen in my 54 years of life. Shameful and they are now going to reap what they earned. Lastly, if this was so important to be investigated (by the FBI or any other agency) why did Ford not report it when she was 15, when she was an adult through her years, why not report it when she experienced these "so called" trauma disorders, why did she agree to delay the the notification of congress – if it is as serious as it is reported to be – and those on the accuser's side and the accuser themselves NOT report it to ANYONE. That alone discredited the accuser and the democrat party. Kavanaugh was vilified before any testimony was given – you cannot, as any lawyer knows, presume innocent or guilt without hearing testimony and examine and cross-examine the witnesses, and see the evidence….and these Senators are supposed to be law makers/attorneys? I wouldn't trust these dorks to represent me on a parking ticket violation.

  8. Me

    So instead of wanting to know the real truth they do this sham of a hearing so they can claim they did all they could..bullshit… The republican party is nothing but a bunch of lying male abusing bastard that think the women should still be barefoot and pregnant. This hearing is a disgrace to the American people. Trump is doing a great job of bringing us down the rabbit hole. Good luck to you republicans that has no consciences. Good luck when you meet your maker and he says why did you do that? What will you say? Will you tell the truth then? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT

  9. gigi balore

    Almost 8 weeks !!! Feinstein had these letters – multiple interviews in front of the judge BUT she never brought up a single thing. She deserves a place in hell for giving Fords letter to the media after she was asked not to than waiting till the DAY before the vote to sandbag the judge. Outrageous behavior – cruel and unprofessional. I watched the entire day on Cspan and the Judge was absolutely credible but Ford had to constantly look at notes and have her attorneys help her. I"m a women and I have been attacked and I remember it ALLLLLLL.

  10. Aa Mm

    That's why women ONLY belong in the kitchen and the bedroom these hoes are all useless in government. for 7 to 10 days a month.. They get cranky , swell up, cramping…..get these hoes out of congress…especially the hoodrat hoes.

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