Hip-Hop Head’s FIRST TIME Hearing ICE NINE KILLS: “Communion of the Cursed” REACTION

Hip-Hop Head’s FIRST TIME Hearing ICE NINE KILLS: “Communion of the Cursed” REACTION

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Ice Nine Kills – “Communion of the Cursed”


ORIGINAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enAcAXAXdfg

Last Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0zA_BYHyiA&t=108s

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  1. Matty V

    Thank you for finally doing ice ix!!! The singers name is Spencer Charnas. They did one album about literature which the album this song is on called every trick in the book. Their newest album is horror movies called the silver scream. Before every trick in the book were not concept albums. Just good original metal in a very bland genre.

  2. Derrick

    Ice nine kills is really impressive. I love how there lyrics flow through their clean and harsh vocals. React to Nothing More – This is it or Fade in/Fade out.

  3. Nicholas Waldron

    To your comment about who else makes horror movie themed songs. That would be ROB ZOMBIE who has been doing it much longer then this band has been around

  4. troyhudgens

    DUDE!!! I fucking love this band! Their songs are so well written and all their videos are amazing! You have to react to “Hell in the Hallways” which is about the book/movie “Carrie”. It’s the shit! Do it!!

  5. Video Bearer

    Alex I just want to say thank you dude. These past few weeks I have honestly felt like I've hit rock bottom. You somehow manage to take my mind off of all my worries, and I wish I could show you how much I appreciate it. I hoe you see this, so that you can know what you do for some of us. I mean surely there's other subscribers here who feel the same. Thank you, and keep doing what you do!

  6. Jeremy Barbeau

    Hey Alex
    React to an underground band called "moments". They are from Belgium. My favorite songs are "what if", "heartless" and "house of habits"
    The bring alot of energy and power
    Or at least listen to them 😉

  7. Spooky Max

    Dood. If you liked this, but on a diff genre do Murderdolls. Joey the drummer from Slipknot did a band with Wednesday 13 and put Horror Rock on a popular place in the charts back in the 2000's!! Do Dead in Hollywood by Murderdolls. Or My Dark Place Alone!!!

  8. Michal Mokoš

    Hello and please react to AC/DC – For Those About to rock(we salute you) from river plate live… you wont regret it !! you´ve gotta do it 🙂 cheers for the quality content

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