Police officer and fugitive wrestle for gun in horrifying moment

Police officer and fugitive wrestle for gun in horrifying moment

Police body cam footage shows the moment a fugitive wanted for murder pointed a gun at a police officer during a routine check.

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  1. Sierra Dawn

    My heart breaks for this woman and I'm so glad that her partner was there to help her out of this life threatening situation. (Mind you I watched a longer clip of this event so I've seen all that happened in full so this is just my thoughts after watching the video multiple times) However, and with all do respect, I feel as if she is not fit to be a police officer. When you are a cop, you sign up for these types of situations and should always be prepared for anything, and not to scream and to beg for your life. A normal person would react this way, yes, but she is a police officer and not a normal bystander. She should have used her training and better judgment before approaching the vehicle, especially since she was in a dark wooded area! Her partner should have taken the other side of the car and made sure the suspect was secured while she investigated (I'm not sure if that would be the proper way to handle things, but having him stay in the car while she is investigating a vehicle at night raises red flags for me). I am not an officer, nor do I know what life is like as one and like I said I mean no disrespect to this woman for she seems like a very nice person, but she's just not fit to be an officer considering her reaction. (I hope I didn't sound dumb with my controversial comment but this is just how I feel towards this situation. Thank you for reading and have a great day!)

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