Rare 1980 Footage of Funky Four Plus One, Live at The Kitchen, NYC

Rare 1980 Footage of Funky Four Plus One,  Live at The Kitchen, NYC

Legendary original school quintet Funky Four Plus One performing their Enjoy Records classic “Rappin and Rockin the House” live at NYC’s The Kitchen in 1980.

From the event “Dubbed in Glamour” – one of three consecutive nights in late November of that year devoted to the creative women of the downtown music and art scene curated by art writer Edit DeAk and featuring Tina L’Hotsky, Anya Phillips, Pattie Astor, Cookie Muller, Debbie Harry, Bush Tetras, Vivienne Dick and others (peep the original poster art image in the gallery).

Sha-Rock‘s performance with her upper Bronx crew was apparently a highlight of the program and it’s easy to see why based on this.

The Funky Four: K.K. Rockwell, Li’l Rodney C!, Keith Keith, Jazzy Jeff & Sha Rock

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  1. 24Adrian24

    I moved to NY from another country in 1979 and had no idea what the hell hip hop was. I was 14 at the time and this shit hit me like a 18 wheeler. F4+1 more was definitely one of those seminal groups that set the foundation. beautiful memories of a beautiful transformative time in music.

  2. FunkyDoolittle

    one of my favorite hip hop groups EVER…this video is special first of all the quality really high…second Funky 4 plus 1 started very early in the game and even released singles before Sugar Hill Gang…third they got a female MC who murders any male MC easily ! who ever filmed this and uploaded it THANk YOU

  3. GeneralTarik

    CRAZY! This footage is nearly 40 years old, shot in low light and looks like HD. Not only is it captured well but it has captured a moment in time that many of us wish we could transported back to. A moment when the music was raw, exciting and pure! This is incredible!

  4. TiMatitYah YsrayL

    Shalom true Hip Hop Culture family. On point regarding this being SUPER classic & Sha Rock bein' the best. I always thought that she was the best female MC, until Bahamadia & then What? What? (later known as Jean Grae) took over the mantel. & the thing about all 3 of them? 1. They could dust ANY1 on the air 2day (Cardi- B, etc.), & most from the last 30 years! & 2. They were actually better than about 75-85% of the male MCs az well. Got to see Jean Grae (when she wuz called What? What? 1st, & after the name change) often, & told her az much. Shalom & YAH bless keeperz of the TRUE Hip Hop Culture. Here R classics from each : Bahamadia – Innovation https://youtube.com/watch?v=UH-vhKPkaB8&fmt=18 & 1 of my favz from her collabo with Roni Size (another Legend at his craft) – "New Forms" – https://youtube.com/watch?v=w5WESA3ACc4& fmt=18
    & What? What? (of Natural Resource) – "Bum Deal" – https://youtube.com/watch?v=fOCdhGTFuVw&t=0s&list=PLxdRsxMRhu9esooh6sOknzNiX7oniE5G0&index=24
    & a buildin' classic from her cd "Attack of The Attacking Things' – "Block Party"
    & "Jean Grae" from DJ Blowout's Classic Underground Masterpiece "Verses vs Beats" – https://youtube.com/watch?v=X6Bm942iju8&list=PLxdRsxMRhu9caPDheNePh4TihUzIP_9yU&index=96&t=0s & Jean Grae – "Hater's Anthem" – https://youtube.com/watch?v=P1dGXido-RQ&t=0s&index=203&list=PLxdRsxMRhu9caPDheNePh4TihUzIP_9yU
    & Jean w/ 2 other Lyrical legemds – "Assassins" w/ Pharoahe Monch & Royce the 5'9 – https://youtube.com/watch?v=fCUz9dUFc3g&list=PLxdRsxMRhu9caPDheNePh4TihUzIP_9yU&index=203

  5. Solomon Northup

    Great post. FF+1 more w/Breakout was an all star team. This song was like the 3rd or 4th rap song ever created. And yes, I have this on vinyl. Lol Peace7

  6. drbellows

    The “HIP HOP GOD” Has Finally Shined HIs Gracious upon us All, Clear Front Row Seats to the Beginnings of our Cultures Original Godfathers and Godmothers, Doing What they Do Best Rockin’ Mic’s and Crowds……… I’m Speechless at this Footage, it’s been a great year for YOUTUBE and the vids I’ve come across.

  7. Rick Barragan

    This is real old school, I still have this jam on vinyl in pristine condition in a couple of different 12" versions in my rap collection. I bought this record in my teens when rap was making its way to the west coast. I live in California and when I heard rap for the first time with Sugar Hill Gang and then I found out about this group and my mind was blown. Rap would not be played on the FM radio band till many years later. I used to record mix shows on Friday and Saturday nights off the radio from 1580 KDAY (Static noise and all). I consider this era of rap real talent because there was some thought that was put into the lyrics of rap jams. This is the reason I also love the Beastie Boys, because they had the same Old School rap style and they constantly played homage to various old school old school rappers and rap groups.

    There are too many groups to mention but Funky 4 Plus 1 More, Spoonie Gee, Sequence 3, Marly Marl and MC Shan, Biz Markie, and many others are still some of my favorites. Both east coast and west coast artist brought their own style to the Hip Hop scene before it became a negative thing with more of a East against the West Coast hip hop feud. I never understood why Hip Hop artist would get into this type of exchange with each other and then they would start getting negative with the Old School hip hop artists. I think this was all just a result of money hungry music producers that fabricated these feuds to help sell records. Props to the Old School and the New School artist that represent positively and continue to push the true art of Hip Hop which has managed to span the globe and it all started in small neighborhoods in the east coast and west coast with artists that are now legends of Hip Hop.

    From an Old School Pop Locker on the West Coast.

  8. g eugene

    I was asked my top 10 Rappers……..I could only give 7. My #1 was Funky Four Plus One. I came up during the birth of Hip Hop. Therefore my spectrum is 40 years of the music

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