UCSD Ascension Hip Hop Dance Team 03-04

UCSD Ascension Hip Hop Dance Team 03-04

All-CAL, University of California dance competion put on by the CSA’s or CASA’s (Chinese Student Associations). Done annually at one of or near the southern UC schools (SD, LA, or Irvine). Ascension is from UCSD.

I apologize about the horrible camera handling at the beginning, it gets better (it wasn’t me who did it, I was dancing.) Here are some of the song titles. I don’t remember some of them. sorry.

0:24 Emotion is Dead – The Juliana Theory
1:20 This is how we do it – Montel Jordan
1:25 Ooh Wee – Mark Ronson
1:30 Party to Damascus – Wyclef Jean ft Missy Elliott
1:59 Spelling Bee Interlude – Missy Elliott
2:07 There’s So Many Hoes In Here – Jay-Z
3:14 Pop that Booty – Marques Houston
3:34 Crazy in Love – Beyonce ft Jay z
3:39 Pop that Booty – Marques houston
4:03 Get Busy-Sean Paul
4:13 Hey Mamma – Black eyed peas
4:26 On Top – Dmx Feat Big Stan
5:18 ballet
5:42 Im Loving It – Justin Timberlake
6:20 Give It Up – Aaliyah
7:12 Take It to the Floor – B2K
7:40 Get Low – Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys
7:45 Put Em Up – N.O.R.E


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  1. Stephanie W

    lol, I've had this on my favorites for like a year and when I watched it the first time, it wasn't so choppy like this. It actually hurts to watch it now. Ugh! Do they have any new stuff out yet?

  2. L Nes

    @BroknHeartdPeopl really? i have heard that song and it doesnt even sound like it at all. it might be the remix then. I'll let ya know if it is or send it to u if i can find it 🙂 thanks for that

  3. DarkStageFilms

    @kenzieexbaby give them a break haha. If this was 2006 when it was uploaded you would be "this is great quality" haha
    Im pretty sure 5 years from now our 1080p videos will be considered bad quality in a few years haha

  4. Christina Martinez

    This might sound weird, but this video played a HUGE role in getting me into dancing. I first saw it when I was in around middle school/early high school and used to watch it over and over again. Now I'm going into my senior year of college as a dance minor and captain of my very own dance team.

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