Woman who confronted Sen. Flake was front and center at Kavanaugh protest

Woman who confronted Sen. Flake was front and center at Kavanaugh protest

A protester who said she was sexually assaulted approached Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator Friday after he released a statement saying he would be voting in favor of Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the Supreme Court.

The unidentified woman could be heard shouting at Flake, R-Ariz., during a CNN live shot before the Senate Judiciary Committee moved toward a vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court Friday morning. Flake had previously been undecided.

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  1. Tb Thomas

    The experiment in government "of the people, for the people, and by the people…" which began in 1776, is 39 days away from collapse and failure. Cause of death: a corrupt media, and a culture of self-indulgent hypocrisy.

    The consequences for the nearly 8-billion people attempting to share this planet peacefully, will likely prove catastrophic. Thank you ladies…I hope you enjoyed your 15-minutes of fame.

  2. tarayp tuemond

    I keep telling all these betas male that we alpha are the one not single because women love us. You beta do what women want but they cheat on you with us.. no amount of tears can prevent me from thinking rationally. Ladies and gentlemen, the beta male snake senator flake just confirmed that a beta males should not have power… shame on that clown…

  3. Xan The

    It's amazing these women don't demand any evidence, it's one and all emotion.

    Any accusation will do.

    Because the accusation has an emotional charge. Good enough. Because the emotional charge itself is the PROOF of the veracity and importance of the accusation and the necessity that legal action must be taken against those – men – that potentially give rise to that emotion again. Guilty by emotion. No evidence necessary. Case closed.

    If men must navigate the labyrinths of women's emotions alone to be not guilty, we're lost.

    Amygdala vs. prefrontal cortex.

  4. iphigeniaaz

    This was an operation between Flake and Schumer and those women so Flake could go in there and be a hero and help the democrats delay like the rat he is. I mean look, one of them just happens be next to Sarsour? Is it really that easy for just anyone to walk around Capitol Hill? I doubt I could walk in there right now and start yelling at senators like that. Most people would be dragged out by security before they could get anywhere near a high ranking official. It’s theater.

  5. Jim Dandy

    How do these people have such potentially dangerous access to these politicians? Where are the building's security guards during Flake's harassment? As it turns out the "elevator woman" was caught in this video USA Today. Another misandrist fraud, and Flake had a fast one pulled on him

  6. Dennis Halford

    Can't help but wonder whether this morally outraged idiot woman yelling at Jeff Flake had a problem with sexual predator rapist Bill Clinton living in the White House for eight years, or does her anger only extend to conservative Republicans?

  7. Daibhidh Macuilium

    We all should be much more interested in squashing sexual assault against children instead of women. Children are helpless, women are not. Or are they? I'm confused. Rosie- the -riveter told me they're capable, but these goons seem to think they're sitting ducks to be preyed upon? Which is it bitches?

  8. Michael McFeely

    Jeff Flake looked like a pushover in that elevator incident. He should have said, in clear language, that what happened to the women in the elevator tells you nothing about Judge Kavanaugh. Jeff Flake looked like a man who can't make an argument or engage a debate. He looked timid. Coward.

  9. No Name

    Protesting has become the "cool" thing to do. Most of the "protestors" of such subjects the media interview can't even articulate a REAL reason they are protesting. In this case, I guess they are protesting investigating sexual assault claims? Or, are they protesting asking for actual evidence of horrible acts before not hiring someone for a job instead of just accepting an accusation? I don't get it, and neither do the vast majority of them.

  10. Ryan Freeman

    This liberal protestor was paid by Democrats (thanks to $ from Nazi collaborator George Soros) to attack Flake and try and get him to vote "no" on Kavanaugh. It's the typical routine from Democrats. Hell, it's right out of their playbook! This crap also happened during the Kavanaugh hearing on 9/4/18. There's proof from video and 3 Texas doctors that protestors were paid to disrupt the hearing. It's beyond shameful, but it's to be expected.
    So, when this happened on the elevator today it just reminded me of what the Democrats do best. They attack, and attack, and attack. They do this to anyone with opposing viewpoints. They act out of emotion. They preach one thing, but do another (sexual allegations run rampant amongst Democrat politicians!). They're liars. They're hypocrites. They're power-hungry. They're willing to continue destroying this nation and the innocent to get what they want.

  11. baddabing28

    I think the elevator scene was totally contrived. I saw it live while flipping thru news channels. It was on CNN, big surprise. I can’t find an unedited clip on YouTube now, but there was a moment when the blonde employee of Senator Flake and the the loud mouth Hispanic victim were chatting under their breath, as if they knew each other and were exchanging cues. I saw it. I cannot find it now because all clips have been edited. It was before the blonde got out of the elevator.

  12. Marie V

    It's sad what people are saying in the comments. Looks like no one cares for an investigation when a someone opens up about being assaulted. They just want immediate evidence without due process. Where is the sympathy, common sense, and decency in this nation? Stop the hate and support of those people that spread them in power.

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