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Work in the corona virus era has led to tremendous growth in videoconferencing as many office workers join meetings from home.

Zoom – which offers a number of sophisticated functions such as automatic transcription and virtual backgrounds – was a main beneficiary of this viral boom.

Already in February, analysts Bernstein estimated that the company had attracted more active users in two months of 2020 than in 2019 as a whole, and cited data from Apptopia, which creates models that are powered by an SDK, that downloads a lot Network of third-party apps tracked. This suggests that Zoom added 2.22 million monthly active users by the end of February, while 1.99 million users were on board throughout 2019.

Overall, they appreciated zoom had 12.92 million MAUs, an increase of 21% since the end of 2019.

You don't need to download the Zoom app to use the video conferencing tool. It can be used in a browser.

Hit the dark pattern of zoom – join your browser

The option to join a zoom meeting in a browser is only really hidden when the meeting chair has adjusted the default settings.

How literally hidden until you clicked "Join a meeting" – when the option to join through a browser appears in tiny text under a more prominent link to "Download and Run Zoom".

Either it's really terrible UX or a dark pattern that is supposed to encourage app downloads.

Hiding the option to join a zoom call in a browser is sub-optimal to say the least, since many home workers use corporate laptops that block app downloads to reduce security risks. (And there is a high cyber risk associated with COVID-19.)

It is also simply disproportionate to have to download an app to take a call. Zoom should scream about the added benefits of using its app, which supports more features, rather than trying to trick users into saying that they have no choice but to download them when they want to hold a meeting.

According to some critics, Zoom's approach seems to be irresponsible, since frustrated participants can opt for a meeting instead and therefore lack the ability to display multimedia content such as slides. And when the world is dealing with a global health crisis, it's really not great.

To bypass the dark pattern of zoom, you need to keep your eyes peeled to find a tiny text link that you can connect to from your browser – and the hell click on it.

Those who host zoom meetings can improve an insincere situation by diving into the settings and toggling them so that the "Join from your browser" link is displayed automatically – instead of having participants try to download zoom first it appears.

Play a hidden object game and click on the tiny padlock

To make this change, you need to go to your Zoom account settings, go to the "Meeting" tab and then to "In meeting (advanced)". There you should find a switch to display "Link" Show connection via your browser ".

"Make sure that the setting is activated. If the setting is disabled, click the status button to enable it. If a review dialog box appears, select Turn On to review the change. “This is how Zoom explains the process in a help text on his website.

But there is more! If you do all of this, the change will not be locked for all users.

On the right side of the switch is a tiny, light gray padlock – squinting and you'll miss it – that you have to click if you want to make this setting mandatory for all users, and then click "Lock" to confirm it Modification.

So two more clicks.

It is also possible to display the browser link for all meetings hosted by members of a particular group. This can be done via "group management". Then click on the group name followed by the Settings tab (and repeat the above steps).

And for your own zoom meetings – by logging into your account, clicking on "My Meetings Settings" (if you are an administrator) or "My Meetings" (if not) and then going to "Show a" Join from your Browser "Link" option on the "Meeting" tab under "In meeting (advanced)" as before.

If the option to display a browser link is completely greyed out, it has been blocked at the account or group level according to the zoom help document. So you need to either change it at the account level first or contact your administrator to request the change.

If you can find it, the Zoom website has a page with information about its web client. There it is recommended to use Google Chrome to achieve maximum functionality.

You can also join via Firefox, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer. Who needs an app?

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